The Hairstylist and the Customer

We all have different hairstylists stories, from the pleasant ones to the not so pleasant experiences. I cannot begin to count how many times I left a Salon, got home and took the hair off immediately because I didn’t like it. You may ask why I didn’t say anything when I was in the salon, well I chose not to rain on anyone’s parade.

A lot of hairstylists make common mistakes, out of personal experiences I would be sharing a few of them. If you have had such experiences and more, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

The “I know the style” Hairstylist

So you saw a hairstyle on the internet and decided to make that style, you saved the picture and you showed it to your stylist. Getting there, you show her the hair and she claims to know how to fix it. You have had a stressful day and you sleep off immediately they start weaving your hair, only for you to wake up to “Aunty we’re done”. You look at the mirror, then you look at the picture on your phone, disappointment written all over your face but you keep quiet. Then on your way out of the salon the stylist yells “see you next time” you say ok but deep down you know it’s a lie.

The “let my apprentice begin the weaving” Hairstylist

It was a Saturday, I rushed to the salon to make my hair because I had an event at noon. I had booked an appointment earlier but I got to the salon and the head stylist wasn’t on her seat at that moment, I called to express my disappointment and she said she was on her way. Waited for almost 30 minutes, she called back and said I should let her apprentice begin the weaving that she’ll be with me as soon as possible. Well I don’t need to tell you that the madam never showed up and what was once “begin the weaving” turned into “you’ve been here long enough to know how to fix a hair”.

The “I know what products to use” Hairstylist

Personally, I think this is the worst type of hairstylist you can find. Before I changed my stylist, I was patronizing the salon mainly because of its proximity to my house. I decided to stop patronizing her because I noticed a “disfiguring” in my hair, it started to break and change color. I remember going to her to explain what was happening and what she told me next had me startled, she said “I mixed a natural ingredient in your hair cream because it worked for me and some other customers”. I wanted to scream but I figured it wasn’t going to bring back my hair’s glory, I walked out angry and vowed never to return.  I am glad to tell you that after months of treatment and a change in a hair stylist, my hair is back to its normal state.

These are just a few of my experiences with hairstylists, if you’ve had similar or totally different experiences let us know in the comment section. Have a nice read!!!


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