How long should I wear my weave?

A lot of people have different answers to this question “how long should I carry my weave”. My roommate in University once carried the human hair she fixed for almost two (2) months and it still smelled like roses, the day I tried carrying mine for a month it started smelling and I was literally dragged to the Salon to take it off.

Question, why did her hair maintain its smell and mine tried to “kill” my coursemate?


The answer is, unlike my roommate, I never washed the hair neither did I apply any form of treatment to it. I don’t even know the miracle I was expecting to happen. There’s a reason why it is called Human hair, we’re supposed to treat it like the natural hair that it is. This means, washing when due, applying treatment to it and everything we would do to our natural hair.

We see pictures like the above and go “Oh well, no much stress, is it not just to comb it”? How long we wear our virgin human hair depends on individuality.Also how well we take care of the hair, there’s no law that states how long a woman should wear her hair. However, it takes our discretion to know these simple facts. Here are a few tips to help maintain your gorgeous human hair.

  1. Detangle your hair
  2. Wash
  3. Deep Condition
  4. Style your hair

N/B:  Put your hair “up” at night. Plait, pin or roll (using bendy rollers) your hair before going to sleep. This is important in preventing tangles. Never sleep with loose wet hair, for it may tangle while you sleep. Sleep with a satin cap or on a satin covered pillow.


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