Hair and Beauty trends we need to STOP in 2017


Hello 2017, this year, another never-ending supply of ghastly trends to be added to a list of things that we’d sooner forget. These are the trends I think needs to go.

  1. I don’t comb my hair even my stylist said so. Your stylist doesn’t know all, and there’s more to gain than loose when you comb your hair. When you comb your hair it stays tangle-free and neat. Even our natural hair freezes when we don’t comb it. Ditch this trend this year and say bye to your hair troubles.



  1. Even during dry season I will not apply anything on my hair. Really! Please if this is a trend it should stop. Harmattan doesn’t know your hair, so it wouldn’t descend on it nicely. When you leave your hair too dry without oiling, its breaks. We should learn to apply hair treatments for the particular hair type. Use leave in conditioners and water for deep curly hair, use oil treatments like the Argan hair treatments for wavy or straight hair. 11-argan-oil-benefits


  1. Too much contouring. Yes! We love make up, makeovers or face beat or any other name that applies to just keeping your face looking beautiful but we don’t agree with excessive contouring of the face. Contours are meant to hide some facial scars or any other thing we are trying to hide but this should not be exaggerated, for instance, too much under eye highlight, excessive body contouring, really? do we need to contour our neck bones, boobs and all of that?3265c89200000578-0-image-a-21_1458494004088


  1. Ridiculously long false lashes. Please this trend should go with the problems of 2016. We are actually leaving it behind because it’s vague to us, it’s just too cliché and bizarre. Having over exaggerated false lashes makes the whole outfit laughable.fake-eyelashes-07



  1. Let’s say no to ridiculously long hair extensions unless you are trying to break Guinness book of record, please just stop with hairs that are almost at your thigh length we don’t want to see them no more in 2017 because it looks ridiculous. Classy women don’t do 30’’ or more. Even if you want to go so long try and stop at 24, I believe it looks better on everyone.1f7c3abe974c0b5f9df6f1076d82a142


  1. Forehead lace wigs. Yes we know lace wigs, frontals and closures are trending all over right now and we love them but please let not make it annoying and unattractive. Let our hair remain in the right positions, we will still see it and love it, please don’t bring them to your forehead like a face cap. sure on instagram (with filters) it looks cool, but in person it doesn’t. Try U-part instead and stop damaging your edges with glue.neneleakes-640x678
    Thank you fo reading, share your thoughts in the comment section or any trend you are fed up of. Always remember you can do whatever you want, these are just opinions xx.

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