Hair inspiration for the holidays

The festive period is almost here, yay!!! So also is the office, wedding or birthday party you’ve been planning for since the beginning of the year. You’ve got the right outfit, shoe and the only issue left is the hairstyle you’re going to wear. Have no fear, SnT collections is here to help you out. So sit back, kick your legs in the air and enjoy the read.

Office party

For a corporate party, it’s advisable to wear a straight hair. You might ask why, well the reason being that it’s probably a cocktail party and you’ll have to interact with people and you want them to look at your face while holding a conversation. A straight hair would minimize the concentration on your hair and maximize face to face conversation.15380381_1825350634369112_3645266555087258187_n.png

Family get-together

Now this is where it gets a little interesting, a family get-together is a time to see family, cousins you never knew existed. Your parents will now be calling you to come and greet your aunt, cousin and your face just goes like uh. It’ll be nice to give a good first impression and what better way to do so than a gorgeous weave, in this case you can go for a curly hair.



It’s time to boogie down and with that awesome party dress should come an even more awesome hair. Slay in this and maybe you won’t even have to pay for a drink in the club, you’re welcome.


These are just three popular activities that can be done during the festive period, feel free to comment and enjoy reading.


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