Few Hairstyles Nigeria Men Love to See on their Women

Men generally love decent hairstyles, simple, classy, and not so far from the natural. A woman is the glory of her man, while her hair is the crown of her glory. Every woman looks more beautiful when her hair is made and gorgeously arranged. When a hair looks great it adds confidence to the carrier, and attracts more attention from the male folks.

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while picking out a hairstyle, there are three questions you should ask yourself: Will this hairstyle suit my face? Can I afford it? Will my man love it on me? All of these questions are important but the most important is the last. After making the most expensive hair that suits the face, the last thing any woman would want is for her man not to like or even notice the hair. If it doesn’t appeal to him, then all the hair parade is as good as a waste of time, effort and resources. If you want your boyfriend, fiance or spouse to fall over heels again with you, then consider rocking any of these ten hairstyles the next time you visit a salon. FullSizeRender-38

You can never go wrong with wavy hair. Nigeria Men love to see their women on wavy hair because it always look nice especially when its newly made. They find long wavy hair the sexiest hairstyle on their women. styling it in different ways gives your face a variety of great looks and reduce the chances of boring your man with a monotonous look.


Generally, curls look great and makes one appear young and sassy. It gives an in-between look and if you have tiny curly hair at the edges of your head it adds to the beauty.
it will be nice to give your man that look once in a while.


This is the conventional wedding look. Bun, whether with natural or artificial hair, makes a woman look innocent and gives her eyes a fish look, which most men find sexy. It is most times used by brides and there are different ways to make it look more attractive. Wearing this hairstyle gives you freedom from hair strands touching your back and neck. And If you have a pretty neck, why not let your spouse see it.


The hair is the glory of every woman and it helps to enhance the beauty of a woman and if well maintained, will lead to the ability of a woman making a very good fashion statement Remember that you will always be addressed based on the way you appear (dress — fashion) and the look of your hair enhances your appearance13906820_1771948066376036_4122789849161517718_n


spring curls are loved by men too, it gives the lady a smart and bold look. All you need do is to make your hair with someone whose works are prolific.


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