Taking Care Of your Hair Weave


A lot of times, different hair rules may apply when it comes to keeping your weave intact. Check out some great tips on how to take care of your extensions and the hair underneath.

  • Choosing your Extension: Make sure you pick great quality hair that can give you the results you’re looking for. It is an investment, after all.  There are Hair Extensions that can last for just few weeks while there are others that can last for years. Invest wisely.
  • Combing & Detangling: As you would with your own hair, always detangle from the bottom up and preferably while wet. The more you pull and yank through the extensions, the more you can damage your hair. Don’t rip your comb through your weave! Remember that the tracks are sewn onto your hair.

  • Washing your Sew-in weave: Add your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and mix with water. No excuses! Wet the hair with lukewarm water and smooth shampoo in the direction of the cuticle. Your stylist can tell you what products are best for your hair and extensions. Detangle your hair first from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Wash your hair gentle in a downward motion (from the roots to the ends). When you’re done rinse your hair thoroughly. Dry your hair gently, don’t rub it with a towel but move in a downward motion from roots to ends.
  • When using serums or oils avoid contact with the tape, use on mid length to ends only. We use natural products such as Argan oil on the ends of the extensions to keep the hair healthy and shiny over time.


  • when using hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray! The more you use heat on your hair, the shorter the life-span of the hair extensions. Do not use a flat iron directly on the tape tabs. This will weaken the bond and they will slip out.


  • Use high quality hair care products but don’t overdo it, too much hair care product can cause build up and tangling over time. So you want to be careful with the amount of product you use.

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