Heels and its Magic

Heels seem to be one of the most attention getter of all century: ragging from different   event to all parties in town. It has the magic of glomming many to the person wearing it.   Heels are most wonderful complementary note ever in the world of accessories as they help to add glamour to your look. Wonder why many women are investing excessively on heels? Simple! This is just to keep them at the centre of attention and they are the most trendy party wear accessory; for without heels a party dress is incomplete! Heels add that extra oomph to your party dress.


heels 2

Despite the adverse consequences, high heeled shoes are popular as they are elegant and fashionable. They have always been a woman’s obsession since history as they not only add height but make the calves flex, giving the legs a fit and leaner look. And besides, one must invest in heels that are comfortable to wear, easy to balance in and still look chic.


Heels ranges from wedge to kitten down to high heeled boot and more to evening sandals and that of pump heels to the last and most dreaded of all- Stiletto.



Sine we all aspire to walk gracefully in high heels, then the following tips must be bore in mind.

  • Walk Heel to Toe, not toe to heel
  • Take small steps
  • Don’t rush
  • Lean slightly back
  • Visualize yourself walking in a straight line
  • Arch your foot slightly
  • And make sure your shoes fit










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