Different ways to style your Peruvian loose wave

When it’s come to hair, many women know how to play their game well. Ranging from the stylish to the most classical of all; they‘ve got what it takes to get the best look ever.  And for those who know the trends, they invest more on human hair. Of course it’s definite not cheap to come by and at such create niche to know better ways to fling the chic look.  The following contain better ways you can style your Peruvian loose wave to give a more stylish look. This is one of the most sought after because of its fabulous with its bouncy loose wave texture! As well as wavy- like look.




peruvian style


  • Middle part style

Your Peruvian wave can be styled in a straight-down-the-centre look and it is a chic option for any occasion or face shape.   For the most precise part with less risk of snagging, it is advised that you use the tip of a rattail comb to divide hair and if you try to part hair using the comb’s teeth, you’ll encounter more tangles. A middle part is most ideal for oblong faces.


middle part2


middlie part3          middle part



  • Diagonal Part style

Given your Peruvian hair a diagonal part will definitely add elegance to your look especially for a wide face. Here, you divide hair from above the outer corner of one brow to the back of the crown on the opposite side.  You can also slick hair back into a bun or a ponytail.



brazilian-natural-loose-freetress-equal-synthetic-deep-diagonal-part-lace-wig-by-shake-n-go-oh2730613_4281861     peruvian parting

  • Deep Side Part style

For those with round faces or slightly round, you can   gorgeously allow your Peruvian hair especially the side with extra hair to fall slightly across your face to give a brighter look.  And sides part with bangs will add softness to square-faced ladies.


diagonalperuvian style3


loose waves

  • Invincible part style

Just like every other part type that was mentioned earlier- the invincible part will add a little glamour to your Peruvian loose wave and make you ‘the talk of the town’.



invincible side partfreetress_equal_invisible_l_part_wig_clary







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